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I liked your collection of songs you've made for the game. It takes some time to get used to the difficulty but at the end I think it is a good implementation of the rhytm game we all love to play.

Eline sağlık :D

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I glad you like and  thank you for your good comment . sağol bu arada :D

This is a wonderful implementation of a classic style. I only wish there were more visual feedback on the notes.

thank you for advice  I'll will try to add some visual effect after the jam also I will upload source code so you can add your songs. 

i realy like it but can you make it slower please 

thanks :D I cant. It's about the tempo of music

I sincerelly adored this entry. I love guitar Hero so i liked this very much. The only thing missing is a score.

thanks for the nice comment. Actually there is score in bacground but I didnt want to add finish screen. 

Really Good more songs you have the time and it would be perfect

thanks for your comment .

The more songs the better, but I've posted this now. I will share the codes of the game after the jam, you can add your own songs if you want

Ok that sounds great 

monke say good gaem


the playlist is choice and i found myself way way more into it than i thought i'd be, a nice surprise:)


Actually played all the songs , pretty fun not gonna lie



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this is a nice game with a good idea.

The songs are nice

it was a good call to only play the sound if you got it right

Very fun idea! Love the song selection :)